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Live set for null + void

I recorded another live jam for Kirsti's always-excellent null + void radio show. And as a special bonus, you can see a little thumbnail of all of the gear I've been using for the last couple of years. Anyway, the whole show is excellent, and I'm on from about 1:07.

Live set on Jack2ThePhuture

On the 1st of February 2017 I visited Rory Moronik to record a set live on his Jack2ThePhuture show. As you can hear from the recording (I'm on about 41 minutes in) in which we left the studio mic hot, things got a little rowdy in the studio. But it's all the better for it, in my opinion.

Plex Preview Set

On the 4th of November 2016, I played an live and improvised full-on techno set for the Plex 10th Birthday, under the one-time only alias of Xelp

Before the show, I knocked out a preview set, containing a completely different set of improvised music, but you do get the idea.

Don't Preview Set

Ahead of Don't on the 24th October here is just over 33 minutes of live and improvised techno as a taster.

no data available - Live @ Don't - 28.06.13

This is a re-recording of the set played at Bar 512 on the above date. Unfortunately the original recordings of the night were lost. Seeing as some of this was a little different to sets I'd done before it was re-recorded after several beers in the studio a few days later.

The setlist for the show is as follows:

Fingers / Rapture / Sneers Moron / 80s Interlude / Drex Resistance /
Placid Jax / Old Skool / 7-0-Heaven / Wonky Acid / Erseiht / Lucky 7s /
Apocalypse Cop / Scramble / Microwaver / Amen and Out /
Never Let Me Down

no data available presents

Stalker EP

A1 - Stalker
A2 - Stalker (Instrumental)
B1 - Heartsilver
B2 - Eventually...

Release date: 30/07/2012

no data available arrives with it's first vinyl release!

With some acclaimed club and festival live sets, consisting of acid tinged electro, house, breakbeat and hip hop, no data available presents the labels first official release.

Stalker EP is 4 cuts of Chicago-infused House music with a steady aim of rocking the dancefloor. This is pure machine music.

'Stalker' hits with stripped down drums and a jacking bassline. Combining these elements with latin-inspired drum breakdowns and a sleazy vocal for an authentic oldschool feel. There is also an instrumental provided for those who prefer.

The flip side starts with 'Heartsilver', a rolling, hypnotic 303 number which slowly builds and finally opens up into a full-on acid workout.

The last cut on the record, 'Eventually...' has a laid back feel and combines punchy drums with deep house to great effect.

Available for pre-order directly or from Juno, Hardwax and other good record shops!

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